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Andaman Maritime Services

Andaman Maritime Services

81/18 Moo 6., T. Kathu 
A. Kathu 
Phuket 83120 

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Need a Marine Surveyor? 

You want to buy a boat? You need a marine surveyor right from the beginning, not just once the contract is signed. Owning a boat should be a dream come true. Anthony Gates, Marine Surveyor and founder of Andaman Maritime Services (AMS), has seen many occasions however, when it has become a nightmare. With his vast experience and passion for all things boat-related he has created a company that can assist anyone at any stage - from just dreaming about a vessel, to maintaining a valuable investment in top condition. 

Andaman Maritime Services provides concise, practical information for clients who need to make an informed decision about a vessel. Whether you are: buying a boat; already a boat owner, or a super yacht captain, AMS has the services you need.

Andaman Maritime Services conducts Pre-purchase, Insurance & Flag State Surveys. General Condition Assessments are also available for both buyers and sellers.

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